Relax. We take care of your Internet orders. Worldwide.


GlobeCharge makes accepting and managing orders online easy by providing a secure online checkout process for online stores since 1998. We also help you manage your orders, minimize fraud and comply with PCI regulations.

With more than 60 payment gateway partners around the world, including PayPal, accepting customer payments is a secure and simple process. Manual payment methods such as send a check or pick-up and pay are also supported.

To use GlobeCharge you must have a ShopFactory or Santu eCommerce solution.


GlobeCharge provides a secure online checkout process to help you place your orders quickly and securely online — via computers, tablets and mobile phones.

GlobeCharge remembers your address details — so you can check out faster the next time you purchase from any seller using GlobeCharge services. However only merchants you have purchased from have access to your details.

You too can use GlobeCharge to sell your stuff anywhere you want or to create an online store: with ShopFactory or Santu.